Who Is Skin Theory?

Hello! I'm Ariel Simonetti, the owner and esthetician of Skin Theory. 

My intentions at Skin Theory are to provide a welcoming, comfortable environment for you to relax and enjoy your services in a haven where you will be transported to a place of healing and well being...

Over the years, Ariel has focused on establishing her skills as an experienced waxer, specializing in customized brow shaping and Brazilian waxing, as well as a skincare specialist

An expertly shaped brow will give you a lifted and more youthful appearance and this is achieved by using your individual bone structure. After working with Anastasia Soare, the celebrity brow artist of Beverly Hills, for several years, Ariel has perfected the art of brow shaping

During her skin services, Ariel blends spa with treatment methods to bring you the ultimate wellness experience. Behind every treatment there is a purpose that will cater to you skin's needs while you'll also enjoy the aromas, sounds and touch she provides

The purpose of Ariel's work is to enhance your life through beauty, harmony and well-being. All while maintaining the quality and integrity of her services. When you leave her space, you will feel physically refreshed and mentally rejuvenated...