Waxing Services

Skin Theory offers a wide variety of services including facial & body waxing. High quality hard and soft waxes are used to achieve amazing results with as little discomfort as possible. My goal is for you to feel comfortable and at ease while efficiently achieving your desired results.
If you have any questions about the descriptions of the services offered, please feel free to contact me with any questions.
$5 will be deducted for each additonal area when you wax 3 or more areas in one appt. For example, 3 areas waxed warrants a $5 deduction. 4 areas waxed warrants a $10 deduction and so on. This discount WILL NOT be applied if using another discount during your waxing service


Brow Shaping  25  with Upper Lip  30

an expertly shaped brow will give you a lifted and more youthful appearance. this is achieved by using your individual bone structure 

Men's Brow  15
using the natural shape of your brow as a guide your brows are cleaned up and trimmed to open up the face and pull your look together.

Teen Brow  15
minimal shaping, just a clean up and no hair is removed from the top of the brow

Upper Lip


Sideburns  13
  includes cheeks

Chin  10 
includes under jaw

Neck  10 

Nostrils  10 
removes hair from inside each nostril

Inner Ear  10 

Inner Ear & Lobes  13

[Upper Body]

Full Back  50

Upper Back  30

Lower Back  30

Chest & Stomach  50

Chest  30 

Stomach  30

Full Arms  40  includes hands and fingers

Half Arms  25  from shoulder to elbow OR from elbow to fingertips

Underarms  15

Hands & Fingers  10

[Lower Body]

Full Bottom  35  removes hair from cheeks and between the cheeks

Between the Cheeks  15 
removes hair from in between the bottom cheeks

Full Legs  55 
feet and toes. DOES NOT include bikini line

Half Legs  35  removes hair to just under the knee  OR from just above the knee to toes. DOES NOT include bikini line

Feet & Toes  10

[Bikini Waxes]

Classic Bikini  30
removes ONLY the bikini line. NO hair is removed from the labia or bottom. Any more hair removed is considered a brazilian

Brazilian  35  with Full Bottom  45
a modified bikini or removal of the entire bikini area including between the cheeks

Male Brazilian  45  with Full Bottom  55
removes hair from entire groin area including between the cheeks

[Small Random Areas  10-20]
pricing determined at time of appt


Brows  20
Gentle color is applied to darken or lighten the brows to the desired effect

Lashes  30
Gentle color is applied to darken the lashes to mimic the appearance of mascara

Brow & Lash  45

Save when you tint both the brows and lashes together!